BE MINDFUL OF YOUR WORDS. At this point, we should all know what it means to be respectful, heed the feelings and vulnerabilities of others, and treat others as we would like to be treated. That’s why this rule encompasses all of the following: Be kind to all (guest, member and staff), welcome all with open arms, limit your cursing (damn and hell are acceptable but must not be overused), do not cyberbully, and do not solicit information from anyone (guest, member or staff).

DO NOT ASK FOR A HIGH ROLE. It’s a major waste of my time and everyone else’s if we design a template and think hard on the content of our tryout threads if you’re messaging us asking for a position. We like to give you pretty things to make these events feel important because they are, so heed this warning: If you ask for a position, you will not receive an answer, you will not receive the position, and your chances for a role on this forum will be lessened. If a role is open and tryouts have not been posted, be patient. If you have any questions, message @admin.

DO NOT ADVERTISE. We’re very selective on where we advertise our forum and the same can be said for those who find us. Advertising is deemed as the sharing of a redirect link for a competitor site without the opportunity of a link-back. If you’d like to get your forum out there in the world, you’re free to affiliate with us. If you’re interested in affiliation, message @admin.

YOU MAY HAVE UP TO TWO HIGH ROLES. We like to consider ourselves an equal-opportunity forum. As such, you are limited to only one (1) leadership role (leader or deputy) and one medical role (medicine cat or apprentice) on Immunity. There is, however, a work around for this. Within our rogue group, The Untold, there are roleplay positions where one can play a 'leadership' character or a 'medicinal' character. These have the option to become staff positions, but are not guaranteed, and are considered more of a roleplay position. If you have questions about this, please message @admin.

WE ARE A GLOBAL ACCOUNT FORUM. What this means in layman's terms is that instead of having an out of character account and individual accounts for each of your characters, you have one account to span your entire presence on Immunity. This means you have one account to: Respond to events, talk with other members, participate in award nominations, tryout for high roles, respond to roleplay threads, and post character trackers. This one account is your entire existence on Immunity, so be mindful of what you pick as your username. If you don’t want to be known as Fireheart or Bluestar the rest of your career on this forum, we advise you don’t pick those. Pick your username with great care; it will be what others know you as. Usernames with vulgar language, explicit or suggestive content, or anything that could be deemed disrespectful will be deleted from the forum without warning.

DO NOT OFFER PRIVATE INFORMATION TO ANYONE. Private information could include: Your name, your age, where you live, your password, your e-mail, your phone number, your social media, etc. This is to protect the privacy of our members, especially those considered minors. We want this to be a safe environment, built for your comfort and protection so you can have fun. If you have any questions about this or what could be considered private information, please message @admin.

DO NOT GASLIGHT OR FLAME. We understand that, particularly in difficult or scary times, conversation may turn to the real world. While sharing your experiences through venting or simply wanting to know you have a friend to support you is understandable, we ask that you please not bring up any topics that could be deemed as gaslighting or starting conflict. GASLIGHTING: a form of psychological manipulation in which a person or a group covertly sows seeds of doubt in a targeted individual, making them question their own memory, perception, or judgment, often evoking in them cognitive dissonance and other changes such as low self-esteem. FLAME: the act of posting or sending offensive messages over the Internet.

ABSOLUTELY DO NOT CLAIM ANY PART OF IMMUNITY AS YOUR OWN. This could be: Designs, layouts, graphics, characters, stories, or ideas. Unless written or created by you, these are the property of their rightful owners and Immunity. If you steal, copy, modify, claim or take credit for any of the above listed as your own when they ought not to be, you will be banned from the forum indefinitely.
site code
The Site Code is Immunity's global rules. Though they are few, they're greatly important. The consequences of breaking any of these few rules can result in consequences far greater than you may realize or imagine. Take a moment to read through and understand Immunity's Site Code. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to message @admin. If you have suggestions for rule additions, you're welcome to send them to @admin for discussion!


Infraction #1 : You receive a warning to better your behavior and not commit the act again. Staff will be watching closely.

Infraction #2 : You will receive a 7-day restriction period from the site.

Infraction #3 : You will receive a 30-day restriction period from the site. You will lose your chance at having a high position on Immunity.

Infraction #4 : You will be banned.
YOU MUST MAKE 5 ROLEPLAY POSTS PER WEEK. As a staff member, whether leader, deputy, medicine cat or apprentice, your activity is important to your Clan and the site as a whole. We are role models for Immunity and must be there to provide what we can. If you cannot make 5 roleplay posts to your Clan every week, demotion will be considered. If you will be away from the site for some reason, make sure you’re listed on the Absence Chart.

WELCOME ALL WHO VENTURE HERE. Immunity’s goal is to serve as a home away from home, a place where everyone can rest and enjoy themselves without fear of backlash or a reminder of reality. It’s a safe haven and we want it to remain that way. If you discover a new member, go ahead and welcome them! Send them a message over the site or on Discord (if they’re on it) and offer to plot with them!

KEEP YOUR CLAN UP TO DATE. This cannot be stressed enough. As a leader or deputy, it is your mission to keep your Clan updated. This means adding characters from the joining threads to the pages, posting activity checks, conducting ceremonies, assigning mentors and apprentices, and participating in patrols. If you fall down on your job, a discussion will be had with @admin. If you fail to do your job three (3) times, you will be demoted.

REPORT ALL MISDEMEANORS & SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY. In order to maintain Immunity as a safe and secure community, rules must be followed and enforced. If you see someone disobeying any part of our code, both members and staff alike, report it to @admin immediately. Expect to be questioned about the following: What is the situation? What is your evidence? Who is involved? Are they aware of their actions? You will then be placed in a discussion between @admin and the accused to discuss the case in a private trial. Keep in mind, we take this very seriously. To accuse another member of breaking a code without evidence or justification can backfire on you very quickly.
staff code
The staff of Immunity are seen as role models for members and other staff alike; we are those who look out for others and who set a good example to follow. To be a staff member of Immunity is a great responsibility, one that shouldn't be taken lightly. Activity is our main goal for our staff on Immunity, as the site activity as a whole leans on whether a clan's staff is active. You must also take it upon yourself to ensure that this site is a friendly and welcoming community that offers itself as sanctuary and home to anyone who wants or needs it. Failure to play your part can result in dire consequences.


Infraction #1 : You are given a warning. Take this as a sign to improve your performance and behavior.

Infraction #2 : You receive a 7-day restriction period from the site. If you are a leader, your deputy will temporarily step up during this time. If you are a deputy, your leader will take over what tasks you were assigned.

Infraction #3 : You are demoted from your position. If you rack up enough of these, you will lose the ability to have a high role on Immunity.
Your clan is your family. Defend it with your life.
Do not break the truce during the seasonal gathering.
Those who cannot care for themselves must be fed before others.
Never venture into Broken Tooth. Beware the monster.
Prey is killed to be eaten, not as sport.
Kits will be promoted at 6 moons.
The named deputy will be made leader upon the leader's death, resignation, or disappearance.
The word of your leader is absolute law.
Each Clan has the right to be proud and independent, but in times of trouble they must forget their boundaries and fight side by side to protect the four. Each Clan must help the others so that no Clan will fall.
clan code
The Clan Code, created when the three Clans agreed to separate from their respective stations in the caravan and venture into their respective territories, is the oldest and most important code a clan cat can follow. No matter what Clan they're in, they must abide by this code.

To make a move against the Clan Code is to make a move against their forefathers and the leaders of the Clans. This could result in exile or the execution of said cat.
RESPECT YOUR LEADER'S WORD, AS IT IS LAW. There are many cats whose players believe that their being rebellious toward the leader and / or deputy will earn them favor as being different than their fellow Clanmates who may be seen as more submissive. While this can be an interesting dynamic in some situations, it can also be rather exhausting to deal with a rebellious character who is rebellious for the sake of being so. It has always been part of the Warrior Code that your leader's word is law; to defy them is to defy their command and could be seen as questioning their authority and staging a mutiny. You accept that your character may suffer the consequences if they are seen as defying that code.

YOUR CHARACTER IS NOT INVINCIBLE. God-moding is a netiquette term which here means "deciding your character is much more powerful than your partner's character even though your character may be a kit and have barely enough strength to waddle walk." Basically, your character cannot kill your partner's character in one swoop. If your character's a kit, they obviously can't take down a grown warrior or even a grown apprentice. Be reasonable with your decisions.

ROMANTIC RELATIONSHIPS WITH MENTORS & APPRENTICES. While age difference relationships can be full to the brim with respect and genuine feeling, we politely ask that mentor and apprentice relationships (anything other than platonic aka seen as family) do not exist on Immunity. We're not saying your mentor and apprentice can't be friends and then fall in love once they're no longer in said relationship, however, it's the same as a student-teacher relationship. It can jeopardize the status of your mentor and can throw a dark light on your apprentice, stilting or even halting their progress in their Clan.

APPRENTICE PREGNANCIES ARE NOT ALLOWED. In the same light as the amendment above, we politely ask that you do not have your apprentice character expect a litter when they're still an apprentice. They can be a newly promoted warrior, but anything that could imply they had an intimate relationship while still an apprentice is a no-go. We consider our apprentices to be anywhere from 12 to 18 years of age (if they were humans), so seeing something like that would register as completely inappropriate. If you have any questions about this, please message @admin.

WE SUPPORT CHARACTERS ON ALL SPECTRUMS. Though we do have limitations as far as apprentice relationships, we 100% support characters on all spectrums. If your character identifies as homosexual, bisexual, pansexual, queer, we're with you all the way. If your character identifies as transgender, we're happy to welcome them and treat them as family. We don't want you to feel limited by expressing yourself in creative ways. If you identify on the spectrum in any way and would like a character to be there to represent your struggle or your successes, we're happy to be of any assistance with plotting or character relationships.

roleplay code
Just like our Site and Staff Codes, we have a code to assist you in your roleplay journey on Immunity as well as to offer you some insight on what we deem appropriate and inappropriate. Please read through these few amendments and make sure you understand. If you have any questions, feel free to message @admin.

Infraction #1 : You receive a warning to better your behavior and not commit the act again. Staff will be watching closely.

Infraction #2 : You will receive a 7-day restriction period from the site.

Infraction #3 : You will receive a 30-day restriction period from the site. You will lose your chance at having a high position on Immunity.

Infraction #4 : You will be banned.
Black Ant, Bat, Beetle, Black, Cave, Condor, Cormorant, Crow, Dark, Dipper, Ebony, Fly, Ivy, Mole, Night, Privet, Rat, Raven, Rook, Sable, Sedge, Shade, Shadow, Sheep, Sloe, Slug, Soot, Spider, Starling, Swift, Twilight, Vulture, Wolf

Blue Aster, Blue, Burdock, Cuckoo, Comfrey, Falcon, Juniper, Lavender, Pigeon, Pine, Rain, Roach, Storm, Thistle

Brown Acorn, Adder, Alder, Ant, Antler, Argus, Barley, Bat, Beaver, Beech, Beetle, Bittern, Boulder, Bamble, Briar, Brown, Buzzard, Carp, Cave, Cedar, Cliff, Curlew, Cypress, Dark, Deer, Dipper, Duck, Dusk, Dust, Eagle, Eel, Elm, Fawn, Frog, Goose, Grass, Hare, Hazel, Hawk, Honey, Ivy, Jay, Kestrel, Lark, Lizard, Maize, Mink, Minnow, Mosquito, Moth, Mouse, Mud, Mushroom, Nightingale, Oak, Oat, Osprey, Otter, Owl, Partridge, Pebble, Pheasant, Pike, Quail, Rabbit, Rat, Reed, Robin, Rock, Rush, Rye, Sedge, Shell, Shrew, Snail, Snake, Sparrow, Spider, Stag, Stone, Swift, Tawny, Teasel, Tiger, Thrush, Toad, Trout, Viper, Vole, Vulture, Weasel, Wolf, Wren

Ginger/Red Ant, Apple, Asphodel, Berry, Blaze, Burnet, Campion, Chanterelle, Cherry, Cricket, Cypress, Daisy, Dawn, Fire, Fox, Ginger, Heather, Holly, Honey, Hornet, Lion, Lupine, Maize, Maple, Marigold, Morning, Mushroom, Pear, Plum, Poppy, Primrose, Pumpkin, Red, Rose, Rowan, Russet, Scarlet, Skipper, Sorrel, Spark, Squirrel, Tawny, Tiger, Twilight, Valerian, Vixen, Wasp, Wisteria

Golden Acorn, Apple, Asphodel, Bee, Bracken, Carp, Chanterelle, Clover, Daffodil, Daisy, Dandelion, Dawn, Furze, Golden, Grass, Honey, Hornet, Laburnum, Leopard, Lightning, Lion, Maize, Maple, Marigold, Morning, Oat, Reed, Rush, Rye, Sand, Tansy, Wax, Wasp, Yellow

Grey Ash, Aspen, Aster, Birch, Bleak, Blizzard, Blue, Boulder, Breeze, Brook, Bumble, Burdock, Cave, Cinder, Cliff, Cloud, Cuckoo, Comfrey, Crane, Cricket, Dark, Dawn, Dove, Drizzle, Evening, Falcon, Fly, Fog, Goose, Grey, Hail, Iris, Ivy, Juniper, Lake, Lavender, Lilac, Lily, Lupine, Minnow, Mint, Mist, Mole, Moth, Myrtle, Nettle, Orchid, Pale, Partridge, Pebble, Pigeon, Pine, Puddle, Rain, Ripple, River, Roach, Rock, Sage, Salmon, Shade, Shell, Shimmer, Silver, Sleet, Slug, Smoke, Soot, Squirrel, Stone, Storm, Sycamore, Teasel, Thistle, Thrush, Thyme, Vervain, Viper, Willow, Wisteria, Wolf

Patched/Bicolor Avocet, Badger, Breeze, Bright, Cuckoo, Duck, Gravel, Heron, Knot, Magpie, Mottle, Nerite, Pansy, Patch, Sheep, Swift

Patterned Arch, Aspen, Avocet, Badger, Birch, Bittern, Blizzard, Bright, Brindle, Condor, Cuckoo, Dapple, Duck, Flicker, Freckle, Frog, Heron, Jay, Kestrel, Knot, Leopard, Lizard, Magpie, Moth, Nerite, Newt, Owl, Patch, Pike, Pheasant, Robin, Salmon, Sheep, Sleet, Speckle, Spider, Spotted, Swallow, Toad, Trout

Size Acorn, Ant, Bird, Boulder, Fly, Little, Mole, Mosquito, Mouse, Pebble, Shrew, Small, Tiny, Wren

Tabby Adder, Ash, Bee, Birch, Bittern, Bracken, Bramble, Briar, Bumble, Buzzard, Cedar, Curly, Duck, Falcon, Frog, Fly, Goose, Hawk, Ivy, Juniper, Leech, Lizard, Moth, Needle, Osprey, Owl, Partridge, Pike, Quail, Ripple, Shell, Silver, Slug, Smoke, Snail, Snake, Sparrow, Spider, Teasel, Tiger, Wasp, Wren

Tortoiseshell Blossom, Cherry, Copper, Ember, Kestrel, Leech, Leopard, Lizard, Maple, Morning, Newt, Pansy, Robin, Shell, Skipper, Sorrel, Sycamore, Toad, Trout

White Blizzard, Blossom, Campion, Cherry, Chervil, Cloud, Clover, Comfrey, Cotton, Cream, Cress, Dandelion, Daisy, Egret, Frost, Hemlock, Holly, Ice, Light, Lightning, Lily, Maize, Mallow, Milk, Mistletoe, Mushroom, Pale, Pear, Plum, Primrose, Privet, Shell, Sheep, Shimmer, Sloe, Snow, Swan, Valerian, White, Wisteria
prefix list
The prefix of your character's name is what they're given upon their birth or shortly afterward. Most often based off of their appearance, whether it be color, pattern or size/disability, it's their unique 'tag' or calling card. When looking at our prefix list, note two things:

NOTE 1 : Our list is organized by appearance. This is supposed to help you narrow down the options for your character, as it's based on how they look. However, don't feel completely restricted by this. If your character is a golden tabby, you're free to look at both the 'golden' and 'tabby' categories for ideas.

NOTE 2 : You'll more than likely find duplicates of the same names. This is not an accident. Multiple names can span the spectrum and work for different appearances.

If you have any prefix suggestions, feel free to message them to @admin!
A – F bark, beam, bee, belly, berry, bird, blaze, blossom, bloom, bounce, branch, breeze, briar, bright, brook, burr, bush, call, catcher, claw, cloud, creek, dapple, dash, dawn, dusk, dust, ear, echo, eye, face, fall, fang, feather, fern, fire, fish, flame, fleck, flight, flower, fog, foot, freckle, frost, fur

G – L gaze, gorse, hawk, haze, heart, heather, holly, ice, iris, ivy, jaw, jump, leaf, leap, leg, light, lilac, lily, lotus

M – R mask, mist, moon, moss, mouse, nose, oak, orchid, pad, patch, path, pelt, petal, pond, pool, poppy, pounce, puddle, riddle, ripple, river, roar, rose, runner

S – Z scar, seed, shade, shadow, shine, sight, skip, sky, slash, slip, snow, song, spark, speck, speckle, spiral, spirit, splash, spot, spots, spring, stalk, stem, step, stone, storm, stream, strike, stripe, swoop, tail, talon, thistle, thorn, throat, toe, tongue, tooth, vine, voice, watcher, water, willow, wind, wing, wish, whisker, whisper
suffix list
The suffix of your character's name is most often not the unique part of their identity. Used to represent their achievements, either in battle or as a hunter, or to represent a particularly present facet of their personality, many cats can share the same suffix but be identified by their different prefixes. We have not, however, offered you meanings for these suffixes, as there are so many of them. You're free to look at their meanings by locating our many suffix guides listed in the resources tab.

If you have any suggestions for other suffixes, please send them to @admin!
IMAGE RESOURCES – stock kitties – click
warriors graphics – click
warrior cats pictures – click
warrior cat images – click

GENERATORS – ollie's warrior name generator – click
fantasy name generator's warrior cat name generator – click
silverpelt's warrior name generator – click
neikoish's create-a-cat generator – click

NAME MEANING GUIDES – sparkythewingedcat's warrior cats name dictionary – click
sparrowsong's warriors naming guide – click
jackal's warrior name guide – click
Occasionally it can be quite a difficult task to find exactly what we're looking for for a character, whether that's an image to display on a clan's page, a name for them or their children, or even an appearance. We hope to cut back on the amount of strain and frustration that can arise with that difficult search with this tab. Here we've listed what useful resources we've found online. Feel free to peruse and use them at your leisure. If you find any others you'd like to share with us and list on here, feel free to message @admin!

Just make sure when you find the resource that images are stock photos (meaning there aren't any images under copyright law) and upon creating your message, you give: the name of the resource, the link, and what the resource is.

Happy searching!
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